VEGETARIAN        (Rice is Included)  


Beef Prik Khing

String bean with dry curry

Seitan Basil**

Sautéed seitan onion bell pepper and basil

Tofu Sweet & Sour

Sautéed tofu cucumber, tomatoes, pineapple in sweet and sour sauce

Seitan Spices

Seitan spices with lemon grass, lime leaves, basil onion, peanuts

Tofu Eggplant**

Sautéed Chinese eggplant, tofu, bell pepper and basil

Tofu Peanut

Fried tofu top of watercress with peanut sauce

Tofu String Bean

Sautéed string bean and tofu in garlic sauce

Tofu Prik Khing**

Sautéed tofu string bean with dry curry

** Hot & Spicy