FISH        (Rice is Included)


Crispy Basil Red Snapper**

Fried boneless red snapper, topped with tamarind and chili paste sauce

Crispy Red Snapper Garlic

Fried boneless red snapper in garlic sauce

Fish Ginger

Fried boneless red snapper topped with ginger, onion, scallion, and ground chicken

Fish Chili (Pla Prik)**

Fried red snapper with chili sauce

Fish Tamarind

Fried red snapper with tamarind sauce


SALMON  (Rice is Included)


Mango Fish

Grilled salmon top with mango salad red onion, cashew nut and lime sauce

Salmon Choo Chee**

Grilled salmon with choo chee curry sauce

** Hot & Spicy