CURRY  (Rice is Included)

Choice of: Chicken, Vegetable, Steamed/Fried Tofu

           Beef, or Steamed/Fried Seitan Tofu

           Shrimp or Squid                                                                   




Red Curry (Gang Deang)**

Red curry past with coconut milk, bell pepper, bamboo shoot, eggplant & basil

Green Curry (Gang Keow Wan)**

Green curry paste with coconut milk, bamboo shoot, eggplant, bell pepper & basil

Panang Curry (Gang Panang)**

Panang curry Paste with ground peanut, coconut milk, bell pepper & basil

Massaman Curry (Gang Massaman)**

Massaman Curry paste with potato, coconut milk, onion and peanut

Fresh Young Coconut Green Curry**

Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu fresh goong

Coconut, eggplant with green curry, bamboo shoot basil

** Hot & Spicy