Grilled Honey Pork

Thai style grilled honey pork, served with tamarind sauce and sticky rice.

Moo Sa-Tay

Pork satay with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.

Grilled Thai Chicken Stay

Grilled marinade chicken on the stick

Larb Moo

Isaan Thai Style grounded pork salad with red onion, scallion, mint. Spicy


Seamed tapioca dumpling with pork. Served with green lettuce and cilantro.

Maing Pla Too***

Thai Mackerel lettuce wrap, noodle, ginger, red onion, lime, peanut, served with Thai seafood sauce.

Maing Mushoom

Mix crispy mushroom with various healthy herb. Topped with sweet salted Maing Sauce.

Goong Chae Nam Pla

Authentic Thai style, half cooked shrimps with spicy seafood sauce, served with sliced Chinese bitter grounds, cabbages, garlic, and mints.

Tom Kha Soup Small $7 Large $14

Thai coconut milk based soup with galangal and mushroom

Tom Yum Soup Small $7 Large $14

Thai spicy lemon glass soup come with squids & shrimps, mushroom

Mix Appetizer Platter

A comblination of our popular appetizer. Chicken stay, Gilled honey pork, Sa Cu Si Moo, Thai sausage, Fried crab dumpling, curry puff, Shrimp roll.

Yum Woon Sen

Authentic Thai Glass noodle salad. Mix seafood, streamed glass noodle, pork mince, red onion, Thai celery in Thai spicy salad sauce.

Shrimp Cake

Crispy grounded shrimp marinade with curry sauce


Main Course

Pa Nang Neau (Thai central region)***

The red chili paste cooked with coconut milk come with bell pepper, basil, lime leaf.

Choice of Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, Pork, Tofu

Massaman Kai (Thai central region)***

Massaman curry, potato with Roti bread

Kanom Jeen Gang Kieow waan (Thai central region)

Thai rice noodle with green curry, bamboo shoots, eggplant and fresh vegetable choice of beef, chicken, vegetable

Fresh Young Coconut Green Curry

Green chili paste cooked with cocounut milk, bamboo shoots, Thai eggplant, basil, also cooked with coconut meat, coconut juice. Serve in real coconut.

choice of beef, chicken, vegetable

Pineapple Curry (Shrimp or Mussel)

This curry is from the Central region of Thailand, Ayutthaya style. Made from fresh pineapple cooked with red curry paste. The combination taste of sweet and spicy.

Duck Basil

Half crispy boneless Duck top with spicy basil sauce, bell pepper, onion, scallion and crispy basil leaf. Serve with steamed Chinese broccoli

Duck Garlic

Half crispy bonless Duck top with garlic brow sauce. Serve with streamed Chinese broccoli

Duck Curry

The crispy boneless roasted duck cooked with Red curry sauce, Bamboo shoot, pineapple, cherry tomato,Top with sliced crispy duck.

Duck Tamarind

Crispy boneless roasted homemade duck top with special tamarind sauce and crispy onion.

Phla Pla Too (Thai central region)

Deep fried mackerel with red onion, scallion, basil, lemon glass, lime leaf

Lab Pla Ubon (Thai Northeastern region)

Deep fried boneless Dorada fish with ground roasted rice, red onion, mint, scallion and lime juice

Meang Pla Tood (Signature of Boran)

Deep fried boneless Dorada fish with ginger, red onion, lime, cashew nut, lemon glass, dried shrimp

Khao Pad Pla Too

Bangkok style fried rice with Mackerel fish

Pla Tod Kra Prown

Deep fried boneless red snapper with spicy basil sauce, chilli, bell pepper, onion and topped with crispy basil

Pla Tod Kra Team

Deepfried boneless Dorada fish with garlic in brown sauce

Pla Lad Prick

The most basic item you’ll find in local restaurant in Thailand. Sweet and Spicy sauce on top of crispy Dorada fish


Authentic style

Khao Knook Gapi Boran (Signature of Boran)

Fried rice with shrimp paste and mix sliced shallots, cucumber, shredded, green mango, dried shrimps, sweetened pork, eggs, chicken sausage, this authentic Thai teste is composed of salty sour taste, which taste like this can be found in rice

Isaan Classic (1 set)

Thai northeastern food with somtum (papaya salad), roasted chicken, spicy minced pork, sticky rice

Nam Prik Aong and Sai Aua

Thai northern style ground pork, tomatoes with northern style sausage served with steamed mix healthy vegetable, streaky crispy pork crackling. The signature of northern Thai region

Nam Ngeaw

Chang Mai style (northern of Thai) noodle with spicy pork and herbs served with fresh vegetable. This is the best noodle of Chaing Mai style

Kua Kling Moo (spicy)

Southern dried curry paste with pork and some vegetable. This is the best menu chili paste of southern Thai land

Pad Thai Boran

Pad Thai is the famous Thai dish as you may know, but it’s going to be the best Pad Thai you’ve ever had. Served in eggs.

Choice of Chicken, Shrimp, Beef, Vegetable

Khao Soy Kai

Egg noodle in chicken thigh tender curry sauce, Northern style noodle.


Desert of the day

Thai coconut munchkins $8
Thai Bear Puff $8
Roti with custard Pandan $8
Pumpkin custard Pandan $8