Steamed Dumpling


Ground chicken and shrimp served with black sweet sauce

Steamed Crab Dumpling                   


Ground chicken, shrimp and crabmeat, watercress with black sweet ginger sauce






Seamed tapioca dumpling with pork. Served with green lettuce and cilantro.



Vegetarian Summer Roll


Wrapped in rice paper served with sour tamarind sauce

Thai Spring Roll


Deep fried Thai style vegetarian spring roll

Vegetable Dumpling


Homemade steamed vegetarian shumai

Steamed Chinese Broccoli 


Chinese broccoli with garlic sauce

Chive Pancake (Scallion Pancake) 


Crispy triangle goodness served with black sweet sauce

Fried Tofu (Tao Hoo Tod)   


Deep fried tofu served with sweet chili sauce

Vegetarian Curry Puff (Ga-Ree Puff) 


Vegetable with onion, potatoes, curry powder wrapped with wheat flour



Shrimp Roll (Goong Gra-Bok)


Shrimp roll stuffed with ground chicken

Fried Calamari (Pla Muk Tod)


Thai style crispy calamari served with sweet chili sauce

Fried Wonton (Giew Tod)


Deep fried wonton stuffed with ground chicken and shrimp

Chicken Wings


Deep fried marinated wings

Fried Crab Dumpling                                


Ground chicken, shrimp, crabmeat, watercress with sweet & sour sauce



Chicken Satay 


Skewered marinated chicken served with peanut sauce & cucumber sauce



Pan fried roti bread served with massaman chicken curry

Grilled Honey Pork